Sunform Cursive Handwriting System

I've been looking for a handwriting system for Gymnast since she was phobic to writing anything I wanted her to last year. She would write on her own, but even by the end of kindergarten, it was mostly scribbles. Every once in a while, would she try to write words or phrases. Needless to say, handwriting practice was practically nil. I am glad I didn't push, though, because she came into wanting to write some things on her own.

In comes Sunform Alphabet Writing system. As a product tester for, I periodically receive an item to use and review. I just received from Sunform the Sunscript Cursive Handwriting program. There are a couple of reasons I decided to try cursive first: 1) with dyslexia running in the family, I've read that cursive reduces instances of letter reversals, and 2) maybe writing pretty letters will motivate my now-1st grader to write more.

I received in the mail five thin writing booklets, a thick teacher's manual for lowercase letters, and a thinner teacher's manual for uppercase letters. I haven't started yet, but my first impression is positive. It is a very clean-cut, pretty, font. The Formula (instructions) include the "Ingredients," (type of stroke(s)), and the "Method," a descriptive instruction of how to form the letter using verbal imagery. It's a lot simpler than I describe.

I will begin this program next week, and I will be giving a fuller review - how easy it is to teach and Gymnast's reaction to it.


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