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Chinese and English and Spanish, Oh My!

It has been an interesting experience learning a third language with my youngest child. Since I am an ESL teacher with VIPKID, I can get Mandarin classes at a discount with the sister company, Lingobus (referral link: . She has been taking classes off and on for a year now, and she really enjoys them! Since she's not a student that is gung-ho about studying...anything...I initiate most of the study sessions. We'll go over previous lessons, look through the picture flashcards, and sometimes pull out the workbook. I mostly try to listen in on her lessons and integrate the vocabulary into our daily life. In fact, this child learned "left" and "right" in Chinese before she finally figured it out in English or Spanish! Anyway, I was having so much fun, I got a Mandarin tutor for myself! She also likes to watch Little Fox Chinese episodes, even though she understands very little, even at level one. I encourage th

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