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Mandarin Morning - Integrating Language into the Daily Routine

  I have received a lot of questions about our Mandarin Morning time that I've mentioned on occasion. In short, it is not just a time to study the language, but actually integrate and use it in our daily lives.  Our Mandarin Morning is at breakfast time, during which we speak (as much as we can), listen, and interpret Mandarin. Most of our talk centers around food - what we want, like, or don't like to eat and drink. We also watch Chinese shows (not always Mandarin, periodically other dialects), listen for words we know, and interpret what is happening on the screen. Speaking  When we first started Mandarin Morning, our speaking lasted about 30 seconds. The only vocabulary we knew was I like/don't like, eat, drink, and a few foods and drinks. It was learning these words from Lingobus that actually got us started with Mandarin Morning. I'd ask, "What do you like to eat/drink?" (你喜欢吃神马) and she'd answer, "I don't like egg." (我不喜欢鸡蛋)。Either tha

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