First Day of School - In the park

I finally decided to call a first day of school.

I mean, we'd been doing "school work" off and on all summer, we just never actually "started school" for the fall. So, I didn't tell her where, but just told Gymnast (the 1st grader) to get dressed and I was going to take her somewhere. I had already packed a bag the night before.

When we got to the park, she was so thrilled! I told her we needed to take some First Day of School pictures, and she was all in.

School Day Modeling Session

But, then, she started getting a mind of her own. "I want to do a funny one, mommy!"

I asked for one more shot in the tree, then we could do a regular one, so she gave me this:

But, then, it all broke down completely. She started posting and asking for more and more pictures! I'm like, "Child, we have got to start school!" She said, "Mom, just take this one. Now this one. And this one. What about this one...?"

This last one is HER to a T.

She finally decided to give me one "regular" picture:

There are over 30 pictures of her modeling. I could barely get her away!

I finally did get her away from being a camera hog and started with a reading game.

We played that game a couple of times (the Vitamin Water was the reward for reaching Home - her idea), then it was pulling teeth to do a phonics page or two. But, we did get it done. Didn't get to math at all at the park. The park is just way too distracting!

Before leaving, she decided on a few more shots. Here's one:
Gotta love this kid's energy!

Here is to a fun and successful year!


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