A year to slow down

At least, that's what I promise myself every year, and every year I'm just as busy as the last.

This year, I gave my resignation to the school district because they no longer offered part time positions. I told them I could not graduate my homeschooled senior and work full time at the same time, thus, I left. At least I know my limitations. Kind of.

Throughout the past school year, I've constantly looked for work from home. I'd done it for seven years when my oldest was young, but this time around, I just wasn't getting what we needed. I've been blessed with imaginary internet friends who have helped me find at-home work - and just in time, as it is important that the family still eat. And I have student loans to pay. Thankfully, these are very flexible hours. I just have to find the hours in the day.

Dancer will be taking free classes through Virtual Homeschool Group again, and thus I am volunteering again. This will be my third year holding Spanish Conversation classes, second year teaching Spanish I, and my first year teaching American Literature. I'm doing literature this year because Dancer needs it, and this was my way of holding both of us accountable for doing it. I thought I was a pretty well-read individual. Apparently not. I have some reading to do before that class starts. I am also helping build Spanish II, so hopefully that class can be held next year.

Did I mention that what I'm really trying to do is write my own curriculum? No? Well, I started in February writing and teaching Spanish through Literature. This is what I really want to do. I'd like to write it in a way that parents can teach their children, whether they are familiar with the language or not. I'll eventually get there. They say that hope is the last to die. So, if all the work doesn't kill me...

Well, look at the time! It's way past my bedtime, thus until the next time...


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