World Book Day and Read Across America Day

So, March 1st is World Book Day. What will you be reading? If you're following a reading schedule, you'll be able to answer right away! Sometimes we read what strikes our fancy, or we do a mixture of both.

Since March 2nd is Dr. Seuss' birthday, and Read Across America day, we'll be reading Dr. Seuss books for those two days. I'm even holding an online event to read his books in Spanish. You should Check It Out! The price is good for all the children in each family.

A couple of my favorites are "The Big Brag" and "Yertle the Turtle," so I'll be reading those on March 1st for sure. This book contains both of those stories:

What I'll be reading online during the event are:


Of course, I also have "Oh, the Places You'll Go." I first read that book as an adult when I was reading to my oldest daughter. It is the first and only book that got me close to crying. I'm not a cryer, AT ALL.

So, what are your reading plans for the next few days?


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