A+ Math Product Test - First impressions

So, I'm product testing A+ Math, or at least my daughter is. Since she has a math disability, it was ok with me to fill in the gaps using a lower grade program.

Initial impression...

Well, she hasn't finished all the tests yet. There are a lot of tests to place. They say there is a placement test, but in reality it is a series of tests broken down by category. Each one can be long.

Not only that, they are TIMED. Not just whole-test-timed, but EACH PROBLEM is timed. That does not bode well for a person with processing speed issue. She quit the test after figuring out that she wasn't actually getting a chance to answer anything (about 3 problems into the test). Fortunately, I was able to email a question about the timing, and they told me how to go in and extend the time so that my daughter could actually think through a problem and answer it.

She then finished one of the tests (I think fractions), and hasn't gone back.

My next step is to go in and start removing tests. I really want to see how the actual video instruction works for her, but we have to get through all the tests. Did I mention there are a bunch of tests? Sigh.

I will update as we use it more.

Or not.


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