Math update

As ya'll know, I put in the order the other day. Mundo Matematico is no longer up on the website, but it was already saved in my shopping cart. I received a call on Friday, but no message was left. When I called to follow-up today, they told me the order was already invoiced and shipped out. (hard to believe, but...). So, MM is gone. But, as I was reminded, R&S (Rod & Staff) does have materials in Spanish, including math, Bible, and grammar. They do not have an official website, and the one that is up on their behalf does not carry the Spanish materials, although Milestone Ministries has most. However, R&S can be reached directly by phone: 606-522-4348. I am also still looking for other options, other than Harcourt with their $150 teacher guides! There is also the fall back of using English materials and translating to Spanish, but that won't work with older children that already read in English (if you're wanting a dual-language environment). My husband has already told me that if MM didn't go through, to remember our original goal was competency in reading and writing in Spanish and English, not a dual-language homeschool. So, I've calmed down a bit :). 


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