Fall plans

Since I like to keep track of how wishy-washy I am, I thought I'd repost the plans I made on another message board. I'll come back to this in the fall and see if I've once again made another turn. Since this post (made March 5), I've ordered 5 of the missionary bibliographies in Spanish and found MFW ECC used here locally. I've also received my math books, Classical Writing, found Aesop's tales in Spanish online (written and audio), and dd is on HOP level 2. She'd be further if we'd actually pull it out and use it. Anyway, here it is:

Hmmm...what I have is subject to change...
But this is what the plan looks like for 3rd grade (she turns 9 in the fall) so far:

We will be using MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures, which has Bible, geography, science, art, and music planned out. It will be split up this way with other subjects as follows:

In English:
Geography (although I do have atlases and such in Spanish as well)
Art and Music
Spelling by Sound and Structure (2nd grade level)
Complete HOP through level 5 if not complete over the summer
Prima Latina

In Spanish:
Math- Mundo Matematico 3
Grammar- Serie Amigo 3
Spelling- Practica Ortografica 3
Classical Writing Aesop with Spanish models

In Both Languages:
Science topics
Readalouds (there are three missionary books in MFW available in Spanish we will be purchasing separately)
Book basket


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