Got my Spanish math books!

I received my order Friday, but it was wrong. Santillana sent me the teacher's guides for MM grades 3-5, but the student books for Serie Amigo for grades 3 & 4 (5 is on backorder). So I had to call them. Long story short, after about 5-6 calls back and forth, they have "found" the student books 3-5 for MM, although the series is no longer in their system. For my inconvenience, they are allowing me to keep SA books free of charge. What I will do is scan and post pages from Serie Amigo within the next couple of weeks (my suegra will be here in the next couple of days so I'm swamped for time). The thing with SA is, you can purchase the student books, but not the teacher guide. That may not be an issue for some.


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