Thinking of next year

No, I have not started the radio show, but I have started writing about homeschooling in my area for a local website. The first article is due tomorrow. I have lots of ideas, but don't know where to start.

I'm already thinking of next school year, especially since my math program, Mundo Matematico, is going out of print. Not only am I looking at purchasing the next couple of years all at once, it's putting me in a place of deciding where I want to stop teaching math in Spanish. After all, it is my second language. And although I am quite comfortable teaching math, I'm not sure how comfortable I am teaching it in Spanish- even with the teacher guide. The series goes up to 6th grade, so I need to decide to purchase through 6th or stop at 5th. I have until the end of the month- I think; I don't even know if there are books left in the warehouse so all this thinking may be in vain.

A post by Patty the other day got me thinking again of my initial purpose of homeschooling and what got me on this path (besides God). Something in classical education still calls and beckons me, even though I am very happy with the laid-out plans in My Father's World. Her post about Latin-centered curriculum reminded me how I wanted to simplify my daughter's curriculum so she is getting a quality education (reading and writing especially) in both English and Spanish. 

My main focus is Bible-centered, so My Father's World stays. My second focus is simplification, so Latin comes in- earlier, and in a different form than MFW suggests (they do Latin and Greek roots starting somewhere around the 4th or 5th grade). Latin grammar touches both English and Spanish, so I know it will work. She is already doing Spanish grammar this year, so is familiar with it. Next year, we will start Latin with Prima Latina. My first thought was to find a Spanish Latin program, but why torture myself? What to do about writing? Dd had picked out a language arts program through, but I told her yesterday that it may be changing. I went back to look at Classical Writing and remembered why I was drawn to it- it is adaptable. I can use Spanish models and adapt to our needs. I can also keep the book and go through it at a different level in English if I choose to later on. All for $20.

So, there we are again, thinking and reflecting.


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