English Phonics

Every year I've started her reading in English, and every year I've stopped. There's something to be said about waiting until a child is ready. Last year, she didn't want anything to do with English, and we opted to firm up her Spanish fluency skill. This year, she was gung-ho about starting to read in English. We began by using MFW 1 phonics, then in January of this year, a friend of mine gave me Hooked on Phonics Levels 1-5 that someone donated to the center she works at.

She's enjoying HOP greatly. I'm using it mostly as review, as she's just finishing up level 1 right now, but is studying different long vowel combinations in MFW. Wow! What a difference from last year! She's doing very well remembering different phonics rules from MFW, as well as sight words from HOP. Sometimes a sight word is review as she's already learned the rule for it, or other times she learns the sight word, then the rule. Either way, it's going well. 

She's excited she'll start reading her first English chapter book (from HOP) next week. She didn't want to read a chapter book in English before Spanish though, so she picked up a Spanish Scooby Doo chapter book. Yes, I know, it's twaddle.


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