Ketchup. My new thing to say when I need to catch up. I have been terrible about keeping up on the blog. Working full time and homeschooling is tough. In this time, I have finished my Master's degree though. Yay!

Next year, I'm hoping to work part time outside of the home and am also on track to teach Spanish classes online. The hope is the online Spanish classes will completely replace the need to work outside the home.

I'll officially have a kindergartner next year! I was registering her at the school where I work, but there's been a slight glitch and I'm not going to fix it. Plus, if I'm going to be working part time there, why keep her there all day in a system I don't completely agree with for that age group? At home, we will do math and reading in Spanish, and I have Sonlight books ready to read, as well as MFW.

Dd16 will hopefully start community college next fall (maybe start this summer). I'm thinking she'll take math there (she needs a teacher), maybe English, and electives. The electives would go for a one year certificate or AA. She's currently looking at culinary arts or criminal justice. Both are covered under dual enrollment, which I just recently found out that homeschoolers qualify for.

That is my quick ketchup, now I must finish some work (for school), get my animals vaccinated, and do a little house cleaning.



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