Frazzled to Freedom: 30 Days to a More Stress-free You

So, last year about this time, I was chosen to help test the Frazzled to Freedom: 30 Days to a More Stress-free You program by Marianne Douglas and blog about my experience. Here's the original post:

I did comment about the program, but did not do a blog post. Since I said I would post about the program, I will share it here, even though it is late.

I received a daily email that had a written and audio component. It was actually quite nice, if I got around to cutting and pasting the link into the browser so I could either read it or listen to it.

My original comment on May 5, 2015 was:

"I have not kept up with listening to the audios or even reading. I think if the readings were actually a part of the emails, I'd be more inclined. But, since I have to copy and paste the link, I just don't get to it. Is that the epitome of laziness, or what? I'll start again tomorrow. Maybe I should update each week as accountability."

For me, having to click a link to read something is a deterrent for me reading it. Since I get over 100 emails a day, the fewer clicks I have to make, the better. Having the transcript embedded in the email would have greatly increased my participation in the program. I do understand though, there is the problem of forwarding emails which could undercut her selling her product. I don't know if she has changed this format. She was originally going to sell this program for $97. It looks like she has lowered the price significantly to $29.

Marianne Douglas has been using brain-based, positivity-based strategies for 15 years. She also created a program called Strategies for Success, a leadership/success curriculum used as a semester credit for high schools.

The website for her Frazzled to Freedom class is


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