Time 4 Learning

Yep, I used Time 4 Learning for Dancer this school year. We started sometime in October, with her mostly using the geometry, World History, and English II to finish up her 10th grade year. She was also doing dual enrollment at the college, taking baking courses.

She started the English, but got bogged down in a book she hated, so I was able to go into the account and remove those lessons from the plan. Because of her dual enrollment courses, the classes she was taking with T4L and through VHG (government) started falling more and more behind. I was able to put the T4L account on hold so I wasn't paying $30 a month with little to no work being completed.

Returning from the hold in the spring, she hit the geometry hard. She says she understood it a lot better than when she took a class using Holt's last year. She continued with the geometry because she was understanding the presentation of it. However, she also started a remedial algebra class at the college, so geometry was put off again.

We revised her history, because she really got into ancient history and started digging deeper into the cultures, religions, and literature of the period. We wound up dropping the T4L World History in favor of self-designed courses in ancient cultures and comparative ancient literature from around the world. We incorporated Great Courses lectures, library books, and topped it off with an academic summer camp at St. John's College.

In the end, I stopped paying for T4L because it just wasn't getting done. The plan for math was to work on the geometry through T4L and the remedial math at the college to earn a credit in Integrated Math 2. Not enough geometry was completed in the school year to earn a half of the credit. Even if she had, that was a lot of money paid for essentially one incomplete class. I should know better than to try to get someone else's program to work for us.


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