Kindergarten and 11th grade

That is quite a grade span, eh? And only two kids.

Well, it's been interesting. The high schooler currently dual enrolls at the college and plans to have a certificate in Patisserie by the end of spring semester. The long-term goal is an Associate's in Culinary Arts by graduation. She does English, math, and history at home. She's already earned 14 credit hours in Spanish by testing out using CLEP. She's decided she wants to learn Latin(?!), so she'll be doing that on her own time, starting off with the Latin 101 on Great Courses Plus.

She also uses Virtual Homeschool Group for classes in Government and chemistry. She's done biology with them, and plans to do the advanced biology once she finishes chemistry. It is run by volunteer teachers and is free. I also teach Spanish classes and run a conversation Spanish course on there.

The Kindergartner gets my attention when I get home from my part-time job teaching. In the end, we decided to teach reading in English first since it is her stronger language. She still wants to learn to read in Spanish, so we work on it every other weekend or so. She's also interested in learning German, so I put the Rosetta Stone app on the tablet and she's enjoying that. She likes math, which I'm using Shiller (I also used it with my highschooler at this age), and whatever science she's interested in. We also read lots and lots of books! It is very laid-back, and she gets hours of play time. That is the most important part for me.

Well, now that I am all caught up, I will go and pay attention to my family. Ciao!


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