School Year 2015-16

Since it has been a while from my last post, I've decided to procrastinate from doing my homework take a little time to update about our little homeschool.

Many things have changed since May:
#1 I am working full time
#2 I am back to homeschooling two
#3 I am almost done with my Master's degree
#4 I may be going crazy. Oh, wait, that hasn't changed.

#1 Over the summer, I worked part time at a summer school program, and the school recruited me to be a full time teacher. After a lot of thought and deliberation, I took the job. Why? Because dd2 would be able to be there with me, and I thought dd1 would be still attending the charter school. I did have an inkling that I would be homeschooling dd1, but thought that she'd change her mind.

Which brings me to #2. I really can't say "back to homeschooling two," because I've never actually homeschooled two - only in my dreams. I now have a prek'er who wants to "do school" and a high schooler. I had actually registered the high schooler at her arts charter, but as we walked out of the building, she told me "Mom, just homeschool me. I now remember why I hate this place." This was after I saw her talking happily with her friends.

#3 I am in the second to last class of my Master's degree. I will be done with this program by November 7. If I pass. This program is one of the main reasons why I really didn't want to work full-time to begin with. I'm beginning to regret my decision to work. I'm not regretting having money for rent each month, though.

#4 Well, that goes without saying. Considering I've always been on the off side.

So, what's the plan(s)?

Prek with dd2
Public prek at the school I work with. She passes out within 5 minutes when we get in the car.
I'm reading Sonlight 3/4 and 4/5 books.
I will still purchase Timberdoodle prek since there is no school for her on Fridays. This way, she'll have other activities to do on Friday while she's in the classroom with me (no kids on Fridays). She'll also have them when we're home.

10th grade with dd1
World history - Notgrass
English 10 - Easy Grammar 10, vocabulary, and some literature from Notgrass (Beowulf, Julius Ceasar, other stuff not nailed down)
Geometry - My Homeschool Math Class - live, online
Logic - Intro to Logic with Virtual Homeschool Group
Chemistry - Apologia with Virtual Homeschool Group
Spanish language arts - tbd


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