It's May!

I thought the saying was, "APRIL showers bring May flowers." Apparently, New Mexico goes by different rules and decides to bring the rain now. In May. No problem for us. We're used to rain and snow during this time. We expect weird weather until May 15. That is the day everyone is allowed to put their seedlings in the ground. Because, you know, the weather will be cooperative and hunky dory that day and beyond.

It will be the semblance of perfection. The garden will abound, and the grasshoppers that were a nuisance last year and mated through SEPTEMBER, will not plague us this year. It will be perfect.

Okay, now that I woke up... I really have nothing to say. I lead a boring life. Besides working from home, earning my Master's degree, and entertaining my four year old, there really isn't a whole lot of interesting things about me.

I will say, my husband brought another bird feeder and hummingbird feeder. We now have two of each. I love watching the birds. I put stop them purchasing sunflower seeds because the patio was looking awful with all that scattered all over the ground.

In other news, some of our seedlings have sprouted. Up and strong are the cucumbers and zucchini. Then we have round squash, jalapenos, hatch chile, watermelon, Japanese black tomatoes, Amish romas, cilantro, and I just resowed some tomatillo seeds. This weekend, I'm putting the corn in the ground. The carrots are already in the ground, but I sowed those late. Oh, and the snap peas. It will be the first year for those.

The 4yo is enjoying the planting and caring process. She and her dad planted some wildflower seeds for the hummingbirds and butterflies, and she's also planted some sunflower seeds (from the bird seed on the ground!) on her own. She's so excited to see everything coming up.

I hope she's as excited about the caterpillars and praying mantis egg sacks coming next Thursday. We've never raised praying mantis before. It should be...interesting.

Well, have to go. I have homework. Hopefully, I'll do better with updates.


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