Frazzled to Freedom

So, I've become a tester for a 30-series of lessons called Frazzled to Freedom. I will be receiving daily emails and lessons to help me ... become less frazzled. At this point, I'm thinking that once my writing deadline of April 15 is past, I will be less frazzled. But, hey, it's worth a try.

Usually this series cost $97, but as a tester I'll be able to review it for free. So far, I'm liking that it is both written and in audio form. That way I won't have to spend anymore time sitting at the computer to read ONE MORE THING; I can just listen to it while I do other stuff.

So, that's it for now. If interested in checking out the webpage, it is


  1. Are you less frazzled?? :) Getting out for some nature time should help too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, we're going outside everyday since we started the garden, but we haven't been going down to the river. That's pretty pathetic considering how close the river is to us! With the rain we've been getting, there will actually be water running in it, woohoo!

      I have not kept up with listening to the audios or even reading. I think if the readings were actually a part of the emails, I'd be more inclined. But, since I have to copy and paste the link, I just don't get to it. Is that the epitome of laziness, or what? I'll start again tomorrow. Maybe I should update each week as accountability.

  2. Look what I forgot all about! I don't think I kept up with it for the reason I outlined above, so it's not something I'd pay the original price for. I have just checked the website, and it's being sold for $29, not $97, so there must have been some feedback about it.


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