This week...

First, a disclaimer: Just because this is titled, "This week," I am not promising a weekly post. Now, that's out of the way...

My oldest daughter got back yesterday evening from a 3-day tour (an hour away) with her dance department. It was quite an experience for her, as she hasn't been away from home without any of us, for that long. She mentioned she realized how immature she is as she ate a bunch of junk food, lol! I commended her for passing on getting a tattoo (that would fade in a couple of months) though. She said, well it'll be heard getting back to school and real life. As she walked out the door, I sang to her, "Back to life. Back to reality..."

My dh is home today since he and a friend need to work on his car. Friend isn't here yet, which means youngest daughter's routine is messed up. He put on "Annie" (the original) for her to watch right now. She's been begging to see it, so he put it on.

For the rest of the week, the plan is to continue reading P3/4. A couple of weeks ago, we had read "What do people do all day?" about mailing a letter. She mailed a letter to her NaiMa (my mother), and has been stalking the mailbox since. I reread that portion the other day, saying NaiMa's letter is still traveling. She now wants to write a letter to Dear Dear, my grandmother, whom she hasn't met but sees pictures of. She'll be sending a picture of herself as well.

I have a bunch of inexpensive Spanish books coming in that I ordered last week; some are for P3/4, and others are just books I like. We just read what we like, not paying attention to whether it is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester, since I still don't have all the books for this core. Plus, I add in lots of stories, as my bookcases are bulging!

She's still enamored with the digestive system, thanks to The Flip-flap Body Book. So, I repurchased My Body, which I had apparently lost, and we will be making a life-size replica of her digestive system starting this week. I have a roll of newspaper print coming in, hopefully today, so I'll trace her and tack her to the door. (Like how that sounds?) She's excited about it.

I very loosely add in Spanish letter sounds, and Shiller Math, which I own. I actually won a kit back when my teenager was 5. I have the ebooks and music on mp3, and just pull lessons from it periodically. She enjoys it, I'm just not very consistent with it. I just don't believe in formal education at this age, and just follow her lead. I even have some Spanish R & S Preschool books that she'll pull out sometimes to do on her own. My oldest would have looked cross-eyed at workbooks. To each her own.

That's about it for now. I've been on the computer too long already, so time for breakfast!


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