Under the Waterfall

We walked down to through the Santa Fe Arroyo- oops, I mean River- because there was actually water in it and we wanted to see it. This is the day after she performed in two shows, three dances each, which came after two days of dance rehearsals. But I think today will be what I remember most about this weekend.

We got to a point in the walk where there is a short waterfall. As we were walking back to the house, my husband decided he wanted to jump off the waterfall into the water below, and of course my daughter had to follow him. They were already wet from chest to toe, so a little more water wasn't going to hurt.

So, she jumps off into his arms (after a bit of coaxing, and nudging in the right direction as we do not want her jumping onto the large rock below- yikes!). They spent a couple of minutes there splashing and allowing the waterfall fall onto them. She had a blast.

This child is the one who couldn't stand a shower two years ago. As we only have a shower, we spent three years of listening to torturous screams as I bathed her. If one drop of water started down her face, the battle would begin. Washing her hair was disastrous. If I had lived in any other neighborhood, I probably would have had CPS knocking on my door. Thankfully, we found the Feingold diet, and within 2 months of change, she could take a shower, listen to the vacuum cleaner and other loud noises, and just all-in-all enjoy herself without the sensory cues that were driving her (and the rest of us) mad.

So, yes, watching her today dancing under the waterfall was a wonderful sight.


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