Spring Break

Well, we were actually planning on doing school this week, however, I took care of a couple of sisters during their schools' spring break so our school work went by the wayside. We know the family through my daughter's dance classes. It seems like a whirlwind of activity just passed me by this week.

On Monday, we went to two of the three libraries. I received a bulk mailing of "Practical Homeschooling" and also had books to pick up/look for. We also made a grocery store run. On Tuesday, I only had one of the girls. I met with another homeschool mom (single) who had just lost her mom this past Saturday. We spent time at her house, swung by the thrift store, and ended at a school park where they and her son played.. On Wednesday,and we went to a park to meet up with another dance friend. Thursday was a planned field trip to the planetarium with one of the homeschool groups. During the presentation, there was a fire drill. Fun, fun, fun! After lunch, we headed to the children's museum to see a live bat presentation. Afterward, I took them to the local organic food co-op to buy candy, then took them home. I had already told the grandmother not to worry about picking them up from my house :). Friday, today, well, I don't have the girls today. It was a nice relaxing day, except the baby I take care of cried a bit. He's usually a very easy baby, so I spent time figuring out what was wrong- it had to be my fault, lol!

My daughter annoyed me today by insinuating we only do things when other people are here. That's simply not true! It just so happens that everything happened to happen so close together this week. The playdate with her other dance friend was supposed to have happened the last school holiday in February, but she got sick. There are plenty of times we run to all the libraries in one day. We do periodically do field trips with the homeschool groups. And, it's not the first time I've made a junk food and candy run to the organic co-op. So I told as much, and she just says, oh.

OK, then.


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