Second year canning

We didn't have such a great harvest this year- anywhere. We ate most of what we grew. Because of the goofy weather earlier this year, the apricot trees went into bloom early, then got killed off by the frost. Even the apple trees didn't bear as much fruit.

Oh, well. I made pickled apples for the first time. They turned out so good! I don't remember actually having these before, but there is some repressed memory somewhere of having that flavor in my mouth. My husband liked them too, that's an accomplishment. Dd didn't like them; that was a surprise. I also just canned some away for later. My husband had picked a whole bunch of apples from his job place, but I was too lazy to continue. We ate some, and then wound up throwing out a lot. What a shame and a waste! I'll have to do better next year.


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