Beginning ... again

I think one year, I'll be able to start a curriculum and just finish it with no (or very few) changes. This is not that year. Back last May, I was wondering if I should use My Father's World 1 with the phonics as is, adjusting as needed.

So we started MFW1 in August, got to the long vowels, and started slowing down. I figured that would happen, actually, so just continued the history, math, etc. as planned, and did our Spanish curriculum as planned as well. But, then I remembered I loved the integration of the phonics with the history and decided I didn't want to lose that. I got a brilliant idea: I scrapped La Pata Pita Vuelve (our Spanish reading curriculum) and started translating a Spanish Bible reader using MFW's English one as a guide. Yes, I did look for a children's Bible, but could not find one to suit our needs. Of course, I couldn't keep up with translating so much and fell behind. Dd likes being able to read the Bible, but started mentioning how we don't do LPPV anymore (You mean, you LIKED that???).

So, once again, I'm back to the old plan - LPPV, Spanish spelling, MFW1 phonics at her pace. We've been going on with the history as though I'd never changed a thing. She's been doing the Bible notebook and memory verses/copywork in Spanish from the beginning. When we finally get to reading the Reader in English, it'll just be review for her (review is good, right?). She was actually writing more on her own with this plan. She was writing and illustrating her own stories (in Spanish), sometimes asking me to help write. Since the change, she started writing less. She wants me to write almost everything out for her, whether in English (which she cannot write) or Spanish. Why is that?

I changed in her K year too. I started out with Sonlight K (I had already used Prek as is), thought she wasn't really getting the stories, and sold it in December. When I asked her later in the year what her favorite story was, she answered, "The Hundred Dresses," the main story I thought she didn't get! I should have just stuck it out. I obviously didn't learn anything from last year. Thankfully, I don't feel the need to sell it off and get something new. I'm just picking up where we left off. 


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